Tantra Massage for Multiple Male Orgasm

Why Tantric Sex?

Why Tantric Sex Now?The sex is so much talk, think, write, think. There are countless books and articles with tips, sex positions, so much invented as tools for improving the quality of sex. We get the impression that sex is more than analyzing the manifest. The longer a coffee every day discussing about him than they practice it in the bedroom. Another proof of our passivity is tantric sex, that is. his ignorance. Why spend 3 hours when 3 minutes is sufficient, the opinion of the average man. And women.

Can the average couple to become spiritual without being without feeling stupid?
Spiritual sex … is not this a little strange?

You do not need to be on LSD it to you Eastern philosophy. The practice dates from ancient quest for enlightenment. Enlightenment which comes to sexual rapture. It sounds a bit silly but in fact no more unusual than yoga.

“Do I feel stupid then?”
The point is that you are not obliged to say anything to anybody. You need a little skim literature, peruse a few pictures, some techniques to try with your partner under the covers and – to see what happens. You can experiment on it until it looks. I do not need to go through all spiritual nonsense to feel the benefits of tantric. Focus on what interests you and start.

“What’s in it?”
If you seek maximum pleasure (and who does not aspire to?), Performed in secret tantra is not the right choice-it should be an experience for two (or more-depending on your personal preferences). And if you notice that he enjoys your newly discovered skills, you are on horseback. Then he quietly show some pictures along the way and mention that one of the virtues of tantric sex erection that lasts for hours … Worth a read a few tantric book, “Tantra: the art of mind-blowing sex” – Val Simpson, for beginners is a good “The begginer’s guide to tantric sexuality DVD” – Leora Lightwoman (note the name of the author), and there is an unavoidable “Kamasutra”.

“Feel good about yourself”
Again cliché, easier said than done, but much of the Tantric philosophy is full of statements that you’re just the most perfect, most beautiful and most sexual being … And there’s a part of philosophy in which you learn to believe in it.

“And again, why do I feel stupid?”
There is nothing silly in it like us to ourselves. But it is not wise to have sex while you feel uncomfortable and self-critical. It is like to put on a new, beautiful pair of shoes with high heels and then we worry whether we look like giraffes.

That looks really that important, we did not even half the things we do in bed. When sex is a bit of emotion. If we are comfortable in our bodies we will be honest, playful, happy and – in terms of tantric-complete. If you now feel braver and more willing to try the “slow sex”, there are tantric workshop waiting courageous and bold like you. Even you do not need no partner, the focus is on you and your body. Who knows, maybe it is just the beginning of something beautiful tantra …

Aside from the cliches, the purpose of Tantric techniques and positions that keeps you in sweet anticipation, that together lightly keys to explosive boiling. Over time you may notice that often reaches a peak. Very often. Although Tantra says that the slow road to the top of the point. Either way, you benefit and tantra.

“And at the end again, if I feel stupid?”
Just as in “normal” sex, not with the right partner. Tantra is a combination of mind and body. Sex with someone you have met that night will probably be the only carnal pleasure. If the “tantric” with someone you love is who you’re totally open will make you feel stupid, but certainly not safe. Did you ever happen to your partner looks straight in the eye while slipping into you? Type that you are hooked for one night in a tavern kvartovskoj certainly never think of. There is a thing of the relationship where two people tantra, if you choose to accept it, plays an important role. Now what? Just play with each other. Read, study the pictures, explore. Find out whether tantric sex “much ado for nothing” or the future of your sex life …

Tantra Massage for Multiple Male Orgasm

Tantric massage is about healing the body and is more of a spiritual massage than a sexual one. Many people consider it to be a sexual massage because it does involve massage of the genitals. The point of it is to heal yourself through self discovery brought about by the use of sexual energy. Men receiving the Tantric massage tend to feel more pleasure than they have ever done because they are awakened to the cosmos and everything around them due to the spiritual nature of the massage. It is probably due to the fact that the mind is totally focused on the pleasure that the body is receiving and not being distracted by a partner and their pleasure or anything else which may normally occupy the mind. It may be a state of mind which takes time to get in to and therefore it is important to be patient. tantric massage The massage itself can be performed in different ways. The Tantric masseuse may even change the massage depending on exactly what the receiver is finding pleasurable at that time. It does include a full body massage but the main part of the massage is concentrated around the lingam. However, it should not lead to sex but it is to have a personal experience between you and your partner and to fully relax and feel deeply pleasured. The reason that it should not lead to sex is because it is all about giving to the man. He may need to orgasm and/or ejaculate during the massage and that is fine but it should be a separate experience to having sex. The massage should be done very gently and slowly. Make sure that you have plenty of time as rushing the experience will stop it form being effective It is certainly not the type of massage which pummels the body. The idea is to touch the body very gently with the fingertips, always keeping a contact with the body, using a slightly warmed oil and making everything as pleasurable as possible. The masseuse and receiver should breathe together and try to experience the massage together. It is not merely one person performing an act for another, but a duel process where the masseuse feels what the receiver needs and reacts to that. It is something which should really help the pair to be on the same level, help them to appreciate each others needs and skills and should help bring them closer as a couple. tantric massage back It may take practice for both parties. It may be difficult for the receiver to learn to completely relax and to help the masseuse by telling them where they need to concentrate their energy. It may be difficult for the masseuse to be completely giving, to apply the right pressure and speed and to concentrate in the right areas. However, mutual love and understanding should help the process to evolve and also help trust build up between the partnership. It is something which can be taught in professional classes should this be necessary and it is important not to give up as it is something which will take practice and it will certainly be fun trying it out. The idea is to open up the mind of the receiver, make them aware of the pleasure that they can experience and give them love without sex. The massage has all of the healing properties of sex, due to the heightened state of arousal but also has the advantage of the closeness with the masseuse and the sense of giving that they deliver which can make the experience even more special. The fact that the masseuse is completely giving and not expecting any pleasure back but is just enjoying the experience for what it is, can be something which the receiver has never experienced before and can lead to the experience being a totally fulfilling one.

Male multiple orgasm

The male orgasm is something which normally involves ejaculation and ends up the sensation. Often a man will then fall asleep or no longer feel aroused. However, for a woman the pleasure can go on and on, she can orgasm over and over again and many men get very jealous of this or at least wish that things did not have to end so soon for them. There are some men who have managed to master the technique of multiple orgasms. They will orgasm without ejaculating and therefore be able to do it again and again, as it seems to be the act of the ejaculation which ends the sexual arousal and brings on the need to sleep. This is something which does take a lot of practice and so it is important to be fully committed before you start. It will be waste of time if you give up part of the way through. tantric massage hands The first thing to be aware of is breathing. It is important to know how you are breathing during sexual arousal, build up and orgasm. If you are not aware then notice while you are masturbating, concentrate and do it several times so that you really have an idea of how you do breathe in these stages. Notice where you seem to be breathing from and how fast you are breathing as well as how deeply and perhaps whether you are breathing noisily or quietly. The next thing to think about is the pelvic floor. It is important to understand how to squeeze and release your pelvic floor muscle and a good ideal to practice kegel exercises for men. This will not only strengthen the pelvic floor but will allow you to have better control over your orgasms. There are medical advantages of having a strong pelvic floor and so it is good for men to strengthen it anyway and so these exercises are very worthwhile not just for achieving multiple orgasm. The next thing to do is to find the point of no return. This is where you are just about to come, just about to totally lose any control at all. It is often characterized by a tingling feeling and this will help you know when to pull back from an orgasm to prevent ejaculation. You can find this out using masturbation, feel for the feeling and then try to stop yourself ejaculating, try it several times and see whether you can start to control you ejaculations. Practice these things alone over some time until you are confident that you do know all of them. Then it is time to start to concentrate on the energy in the body. As you masturbate notice how the energy changes, which parts of the body feel warm and does that change as you get closer to orgasm and ejaculation. Then when you get to the point of no return pull back and stop yourself from coming and then do it again. Next time use your PC muscle to control it and this is what will help you to stop ejaculating but still orgasm. You will also need to use your breath – channeling the energy which normally flows out of you at orgasm to move upwards to the chest. Breathe that warm energy that you feel in the genital area upwards to the chest. It is possible to then have a tingly orgasm without ejaculating and then have another and another. It does not feel the same as an ejaculatory orgasm but it will enable you to experience multiple orgasms just like women do. It will also enable you to have a longer love making session. The technique does take a lot of practice and some men do find that having to concentrate on the breathing, pelvic floor and energy levels make the whole experience rather less pleasurable. However, with practice it will become easier and more instinctive and so conscious thought will not need to be used so much because the habit of doing it will have formed through all the practices. So if you really are determined to master it then keep practicing it and you will eventually see success.

  • September 7, 2014
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