How to Make a Girl Squirt

There are many steps which describe the process about how to make a women squirt, but all is needed are fingers and oral job.

The best advice is to try with exploration in different things, different numbers of fingers, different parts of her pussy and ass. Most important is to be innovative and inventive.

Surely, some of the best fingering comes in conjunction with oral, but there is a little secret that gives to any women best orgasm of her life.

How To Make a Girl Squirt:

You can start by performing oral on her inner thighs, clitoris and labia especially, to start getting her relaxed and wet. You must continually suck and lick the clitoris throughout the duration of the whole oral act, because oral increases power, pleasure and increases chances of female ejaculating orgasm.

With the hand you write with, take two fingers closest to your thumb (pointer and middle finger) and make them wet with her pussy juice or with your mouth. The most important thing is to make sure your nails are trimmed and not sharp, because you could hurt her.

Slide those two fingers in, with the fingerprint part of the fingers facing up (nails down), slide them in firmly but slowly, as far as they will go without using too much pressure. If she is really tight you may need to start with one, and if there is a lot of wetness but resistance, you may need to tease and taste her pussy some more.

Once you get those fingers in, tease her inner walls slowly with the pads of your fingers, and get her even more juicy. When you think that she is ready to have the orgasm of her life, you may begin:

  1. Now you will maneuver your fingers to find her g-spot. Yes, it exists, and yes, every woman has one. Slide your fingers in about 2 inches, UP, and then BACK towards the front of the pussy (like you’re going up behind her clitty). Her g-spot is actually a patch of her inner walls which is on the FRONT INNER WALL of her pussy, above the hole itself. So, in, up, and back towards the entrance. You should feel, on that wall, a very rough patch of skin rougher than the rest of her smooth inner pussy. You’ve found it. Congratulations.
  2. By making a beckoning motion with your two fingers (a come hither, bending fingers motion), you should be able to pull the fingerprint/pad part of the tips of your two fingers against that spot. Try it. Pull back against it with your two fingers and press a little. Tease it, stimulate it with your fingers. Make her feel good. She should be squirming and breathing very heavily by now.
  3. As you start to rhythmically tap/press/pull your fingertips against the g-spot, she should start getting wetter. If you’re doing it right, and she’s comfortable with it, you’ll start to hear squelching, sponge-like sounds. The g-spot is like a sponge, it contains a lot of liquid, and feels rough. Keep pressing your fingers against it, over and over, rhythmically, with the same kind of rhythm as if you were sliding your cock in and out of her pussy.
  4. As she starts to get wetter, and enjoy it more, start doing it harder. The more she thrashes from side to side, the harder you do it. Eventually, you can replace the tapping/poking of the g-spot with an outright speed-sliding of those two fingers in and out of her hole. Do it faster and faster, maintain the rhythm, but increase the force. Even when you’re slamming them straight in and out of her hole, try and maintain an upward, outward force with the fingertips, so you’re still pressing up against that g-spot even as you’re slamming her with your fingers with reckless abandon.
  5. Through all of this, she should be squelching, squirming and OBVIOUSLY loving it. If she’s not, you should stop. If she says it hurts (especially if she says it more than once, you might want to stop or at LEAST slow down or not do it so hard. Make sure she’s always wet, not dry for any period of time.
  6. Now here’s the crucial part. When she gets close to ejaculation, she will say that she needs to pee. SHE DOES NOT NEED TO PEE. It’s just a temporary sensation that will pass, but you have to make sure she knows about it beforehand, and you have to make sure she does not stop you, and you do not desist in your slamming. Hold her legs apart with the other hand, if you have to. You can even use your head or knees or whatever to hold her legs open, but make sure she stays relatively still (or she might get hurt on your fingers) and that you KEEP GOING. In fact, when she needs to pee, that’s when you should start doing it harder, cause orgasm is around the corner.
  7. 10-50 seconds after the pee sensation begins, she will start to cum. When she does, DON’T STOP. Just do it harder and harder and harder, pressuring the g-spot upwards all the while. Now she should start to ejaculate. She’ll scream, and her pussy will start shooting clear (transparent), odourless liquid all over the place. There could be a lot of it, it might soak you completely and soak the sheets and everything around her, so make sure you’re prepared.
Hard Squirting

Source: GIF-PORN

I guarantee you, if she’s never had one before, the squirting orgasm will be the best orgasm of her life. In my experience, 97% of women are capable of having them, and in certain circumstances, I think it’s more like 99.9%. If you want her to ejaculate in great volumes, have her drink lots of water before you do it, and stay well hydrated. Once she’s finished squirting, SHE CAN SQUIRT AGAIN. Especially if you didn’t do it too hard, and still got her to cum, you can usually start all over, and between one and ten minutes later, she’ll be squirting again. Usually, you have to do it harder each time. My record is seven. The girl that squirted seven times in 45 minutes passed out for 6 hours afterwards (it’s physically exhausting and dehydrating) so be careful if you try more than 2 at once.

Most girls pass out after a couple of them. This can make a girl fall in love and at the very least want to fuck your brains out, so use it wisely rather than to your advantage. Don’t take advantage of people using this. If you do it wrong, or if she’s on her period, she might bleed. That’s usually okay, but just make sure you don’t hurt her, and you stop if she’s screaming with pain, rather than pleasure.

You should always have a safe word with your partner, and you should always make sure she knows what you intend to do and that she’s fine with it. Enjoy this, and I hope it works out for you; I hope it works out for HER, even more so. If it does well, just wait and see. I’m jealous of women because of g-spot orgasms! There’s NO male equivalent it’s just absolute ecstasy, nothing less. Remember there are at least fifty ways to make a woman cum (actually lots more) and at least five different types of orgasms so don’t limit yourselves to this whether it works or not.


It’s by a guy named Jason Julius. And his tips and techniques on how to give women incredible pleasure are pure gold. In the video Jason demonstrates how to find and stimulate a woman’s G Spot, which will later lead to heaps of squirting orgasms. Let me tell you I just got done watching this video and it blew me away! Watch it and listen carefully:
How to give a girl a squirting orgasm video.


As many of you complained about finding the g-spot while trying to give their females squirting orgasms, I have decided to write additional information about the g-spot and how to locate it more precisely in order to get better squirting.

What is G-Spot?

The G spot is something quite mysterious, especially for those, who are not too experienced in sex. Pretty much everyone has heard it, but they do not know how to find it, or even doubt its existence.

Still, it is there, and it has been proven that it provides a significant amount more pleasure than simply a sexual act without coordination. This is why, if you really want to please your partner, you should familiarize yourself with a few ways to locate and stimulate it, in order to enjoy a healthy sexual life.


Who Discovered G-Spot?

It is actually quite funny – it was debated for over 20 years whether the mysterious G spot actually existed. Many scientists simply could not find it, using the medical equipment available to them at the time. Even though countless women explained how they felt significantly more stimulated during certain practices, practitioners still suspected the placebo effect.

It was not until the introduction of more sophisticated technologies, such as the MRI for instance, that the existence of the G spot was finally truly uncovered. Today, there are many sexual therapists and guides, who can help you, improve your sex life using it.

What Does G-Spot?

After this medical breakthrough however, there has been numerous medical research to see what exactly the effects of the so-called G spot are, when it is stimulated. It has been proven that it increases sexual pleasure at least six times, and it helps for the healthy release of dopamine within the brain.

Basically, even science has stated that stimulating this particular area will make you happy. If you really like to improve upon your sex live, you should experiment with your partner in this field, and try out different methods to find it. Research shows that relationships are significantly improved when the sex life gets back on track.

How To Find G-Spot?

As for finding and stimulating the G spot, there is a rather complex and detailed process you should try out first. You should remember one very important thing – you need to make sure that the vagina is properly lubricated. This is derived from two reasons – proper lubrication decreases painful traction, and more importantly – the G spot will not show itself before the person is aroused. This is why you should really spend some time and efforts for foreplay, in order to make sure that you have unlocked the spot itself.

  1. g-spot-fingersAfter you have achieved lubrication, you need to pinpoint the exact location of the spot. It is usually located 1 to 3 inches deep after you have inserted a finger into the vagina. Most people claim that it is closer to 3 inches. Since it is on the frontal wall of the vagina, you should imitate a “come here” movement with your finger. This will help you feel the surroundings, and feel exactly where the G spot is located. You should be observant of changes in respiration in your partner as well – there is no better way to know that you are doing better.
  2. After you have located the spot, you will need to stimulate it properly for the ultimate effect. First of all, you will need to insert 2 fingers, or a specialized sex toy into the vagina. The fingers should be the middle and the ring ones.  Once you have done this, you need to curl them accordingly, simulating the “come here” movement gently at first, and then more rapidly. You should know however, that your partner will need to be lying down with spread legs, and you will need to be by her side, while facing her, in order to achieve the full effect.
  3. Curling your fingers is essential, but you should know that this only lasts in the beginning phases of stimulation. After you have done this, you should actually start pulling your arm upwards, in order to improve the pressure on the spot. At first, you should make sure you are really gentle, in order not to inflict pain. However, the more you continue, the more you can increase both the speed and the force of pressure. This is due to the fact that with continued arousal, your partner will demand more and more out of you.
  4. You should know that not all methods for stimulation of the G spot require the fingers, or given toys though. There are a lot of special sex poses, which will help you use the penis in order to stimulate it effectively and improve the sexual experience tenfold. Sex instructors will easily tell you that sexual pleasure during the act is not only controlled by the size, speed and force of the mail organ. A large part is played by the angle through which you do it. This is one of the most essential things you need to experiment with, if you want to provide ultimate pleasure.


Here is an interesting fact – the G spot actually has a similarity with the male penis. When it is aroused, it is also filled with blood, and therefore enlarged. This is why, if you are unsure as to where to look, you should make sure you arouse your partner enough. This will make the spot easy to feel, and you will have no trouble to pinpoint and stimulate it. If for some reason you cannot find it, you have probably not been able to stimulate your partner enough during the session, or there are some other reasons behind it.

As a whole, finding and stimulating the G spot might be a bit hard for most people, who have no interactions with it. The longer you are in a relationship, the easier will be for you to make your partner feel good and this is normal. You should keep in mind though, that experimentation will be one of your best friends when it comes to sex in general.

You need to make sure you try out different positions, various angles, and constantly be interested in what your partner asks of you. That way you can guarantee yourself a healthier and more pleasant sexual life. If for some reason you are having troubles, you should try and find a professional, who will be able to guide you. There are a lot of reasons for a sexual life to be dysfunctional, and it is good to find help when that occurs.

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B - July 28, 2015

Every woman is different we need to accept that. Some woman are crock pots some microwaves. Either one can experience a G-spot Orgasm. When their head is full of everything which blocks many things (sexual) find a way her totally relaxed and into it. It is an awesome experience for both parties.

Jim - July 26, 2015

I have tired everything you said to due and i still can’t get my wife to go. I what make my wife go so bad like the first night we had sex with each other. She said she enjoy everything but i fill bad because when i down there doing everything you said to due and she can’t go then she pull me up and then we have sex and i just like to know if i doing a good job and i ask her and she always tell me i doing fine but i what her say i doing great. I have tied everything to make me last long but then something happens inside her that make me cum to fast can you help me on this too. Just like last night we was having sex and i cum to fast. Thanks

Joe - April 28, 2015

I agree that mood is key to the squirt. My wife had been drinking quite a bit, and we had been all over the room enjoying foreplay and sex. She was standing on the bed above me and I reached up and began the two finger stroke. With the view, I was quite aroused. So I kept it up. Within a few minutes ,she was moaning, and then water water everywhere! It was the first time after 20 years of marriage that she had squirt.

I have been able to get her to squirt on one more occasion, but no more than that.

Sam - March 30, 2015

I just want to add that men actually DO have the ability to ejaculate a clear, watery fluid (not semen) and it is achieved through the exact same stimulation used to make women do it.

mar77xxx - March 28, 2014

It is hot, and an amazing feeling to have complete control over a woman’s pleasure and orgasm. When I was younger, it was an overwhelming experience making a woman cum so good. In fact, it “freaked me out”, and as a result (due to my not understanding why I made girls do this) I embarrassed many of the women I made squirt. Now I realize that it’s no different or “weird” than my ability to ejaculate as a man multiple times in a short period of time. I have almost no refractory period, meaning I can get hard and cum again within a couple minutes. I love being a sexual person just as much if not more than I love getting women off! “Girl facials” as I’ve coined them are fucking hot, and I love when I have to fuck girls in the bathtub to avoid them ruining my carpet, sheets, TV, etc. LOL

m-r-l-e-s - February 14, 2014

i agree with here and what is said, my girlfriend that i am with now was the 2nd girl i made squirt and honestly it also helps she has such a sensitive clit, during a night she squirted, 21 times, now i know you all don’t believe that. and thats okay but once you get her comfortable enough, whether it’s with wine, other drink, massage she can go so much. and also once they get to the point where they just keep squirting. have them ride you as rough and fast as possible, this way the girl controls it and they will squirt lie crazy while riding you. it was epic. and fyi. some sort of special water proof/allergy proof sheet is a good idea as we have a queen and one night, half of it was drenched. the clit being hard thing is true too. i can tell when she is going to be squirting when we are during foreplay so keep a wary finger out for that sign too.

Dan - February 9, 2014

Thank you for the great article. My wife and I have been married almost 27 years and never during that time did she ever squirt. She usually has an orgasm, but nothing like you describe in the article. I showed her the article and she was interested, she read all of the reviews and while some scared her, mostly she was intrigued. Yesterday was the first time we tried it. I went through the entire procedure listed in your article and while she didn’t literally squirt, everything else described above did happen. She became extremely wet, her clit hardened, and she had one of the loudest orgasms that I can remember while she was on top of me and my balls were drenched. We’re going to continue to try until either she does or we’ll just continue the stimulation that she’s realized that she loves. Thank you again!

Jenna - October 23, 2013

I am 45 and probably started squirting about 15 years ago. For me it comes with intimacy and closeness with a lover. When a man takes his time with me and we have tender, attentive foreplay, I have explosive orgasms. I think it’s because my body is so relaxed and open. My most forceful squirting came with a guy that I saw only occasionally….He would sit with his back against the headboard, drinking wine while he caressed my head as we talked. It just soothed me and by the time we got to intercourse my body was so open to him. I know it may sound silly to some people, but for me it is totally the case. I have had lovers who made me squirt at one time and then once we have issues in our relationship, it doesn’t happen anymore. Just my two cents.

Squirting Queen - July 12, 2013

I’m one of those girls who finally was made to squirt and that was the beginning of my squirting wars. I can squirt without my g spot even being touched. I will admit I am a sex addict! Hahaaa…… My husband and I have a playmate we will be seeing very soon who says she has only squirted a hand full of times. You know what my goal is?? I’m going to be the first woman to make her squirt! (Hoping to be successful!)

Zane - July 1, 2013

Alright, I read that someone had a record of 7 squirts, well I got to let you all know that my personal record on my Ex was 12. She passed out for the rest of the night afterwards but the key to that night was the the both of us were really quite tipsy and since we couldn’t feel much even after we both had orgasms we kept going. I do agree with Ash (Nov 21, 2012) that it is easier to make a woman squirt while they are tipsy but the part that I know is different is that Squirting can (not always will but CAN) have a sensation to it. It all depends on if the woman is having an orgasm at the same time she is squirting. If this process is done right you should be triggering both at once… As far as my record I don’t recommend that anyone try for that because after that night she spent a day and a half in bed trying to get re hydrated… and she was miserable the entire time. So there are both pluses and minuses to this, all I can say to it is use this information wisely.

MILF Mi2 - April 13, 2013

well…I read the article and was amazed at how exact & to the “t” it was. I am a 41yr old woman that has been mistaken for being in my early 30’s late 20’s..I was in a relationship with a guy 10yrs younger than me for 9yrs and he NEVER made me squirt. when we broke up…I ended being approached by another guy that thought I was younger & I actually thought he was older than my ex (he was way more into pleasing me in & out of the bed than the ex) Long story short, everytime we made love he would ask me “do u squirt?’ I never had but he said when I came my body tightened up like I was gonna sqwirt. Then one night he was eating me out and slid those fingers in real slow & found “my spot” & I came PLUS sqwirted all over his face the bed my legs my stomach..OMG it was the best feeling I ever had in my life…& its true ..u will fall in love with that man! LoL!

Cable - March 26, 2013

I made an ex-girlfriend squirt by working her g spot while going down on her using very similar techniques as this article describes. Bottom line: This does work, at least for some girls. Its pretty exciting and very ego-boosting the first time you get her to squirt. However I follow this with a WARNING: Its possible that the girl might start squirting often, perhaps even EVERY time u have sex. This happened to her and once her floodgates opened they could not be shut again (pun intended). Every time she came it was a squirtfest. After a while the whole wet mess became a turn off for me, and we broke up. We were together 7 years, 6.5 of those were squirt free and great. Sothis is a real life “be careful what you wish for” type of thing.

supertrucker - January 24, 2013

Great artical, been married 15 yrs and that was the first time she ever squirted. I think she’s more in love with me now than we got married, if thats possible. The wife loved it, thank you from both of us

Kinski - December 13, 2012

The very first time my girlfriend and I fooled around, she had a squirting orgasm (fingering) all over my bed. Needless to say I was quite pleased as this is something that has interested me for a long time.
After the first time she did it, it never happened again. Then I learned that her ex boyfriend before me had figured out how to do it and made it happen every time. This bothered me and I did a lot of research online, you name it and I have downloaded/watched/read it, and tried many times with varying speeds, pressure, points, and it never happened again. So I got very frustrated and angry and now she says she has a mental block to the orgasm because she doesn’t want me to get upset. Catch 22 right?

So now not only do I need to figure out what it is that I did the first time, I have to figure out how to help her get over this mental block. Any advice or suggestions from a person knowledgeable on the subject as to what is going on would be greatly, greatly appreciated.

Ash - November 21, 2012

As A Girl that has squirted for going on 8 years now. And when I mean squirt I mean Im one of those girls that sprays buckets and buckets. Very similar to porn. Ive trained myself to do it, just as I saw someone comment in an earlier post about training. Let me pop all of your bubbles guys….it has no sensation! Its a myth. Ask any porn star, its all for show. I mean dont get me wrong I love doing it because my partners are always so facinated by the fact that “they made me squirt” its like an ego boost for them lol There is a very specific way to do it, you must be warmed up, semi sexual arroused, very very relaxed, usually works like a charm after ive had a few drinks (and see this is the exact reason its can happen without sesnation) because it is HARDER to orgasm after a few drinks but wayyy easier to squirt after (its the build up of liquid) The best way after these first steps it to literally get pounded hard, doggy works amazingly (basically your squuezing that sponge that has collected the liquid) Youll feel an intense sensation to push, once you push the liquid will come gushing out. You must PUSH though it doesnt just randomly start coming out
Hope this helps and gives in sight to the real deal

ekg - June 17, 2012

My pervious bf did this to me all the time he was like a sex god or so I thought my current bf is trying to learn but I’m havin trouble teaching him I will have to let him read this article. But just another little tip to make the g spot more accessable try puttin one of your hands above the vagina, or where your hair grows, if u don’t shave, and pushing down slightly so the fingers doing the work on the inside can catch the g spot a little easier

secret - May 24, 2012

this is exactly the way to get us to squirt! but sometimes the female can “ride” instead of the fingers which is not all females favorite thing to have done.then have her partner to perform oral on her until she squirts. my partner loves it! i do also! it works

Sceptical - May 4, 2012

Whenever my boyfriend and I get into foreplay he always complains that his fingers hurt after a while. I don’t really like being fingered but rather have my clit rubbed or licked. I can orgasm but straight after I have to stop because I squirm and he can’t control me. I’m definitely keen on trying this technique but I am a bit sceptical because once I start squirming during orgasm my legs just instantly close together and I tell him to stop. Anyone got any tips on how he can rub me up or finger me without his fingers hurting? I think it’s because I like it hard. Lol. Or even how to overcome the felling that I want/need him to stop?

g 3 - May 2, 2012

Me and my girlfriend been together for 2 years and I don’t know what I’m doing wrong she hasn’t been able to have a squirting orga I have done a lot a research and found a lot of diagrams and tips and used all of them and have not been successful she gets really wet just nothing comes out. she says she really loves me and our sex life that it can’t be any more better but i know what she’s capable of and im never going to give up. she always gets really really wet when she comes and twitches and wiggles but i want her to squirt.any comments has this happened to anyone else?

keahey - October 31, 2011

My husband and I just tried this. Hot foreplay as always. He has been trying to get me to squirt for a while now with no success. We just came across this site a few hours ago and decided we would try this method. We have looked at a few other sites before and failed. Tried this tonight and failed once more. While he was fingering me and going down on me I had thd sensation that I had to pee. I know its normal and I know I didn’t have to but 10 seconds pass b. Then a minute passed with nothing happening. So we brought out the vibrator and held it on my clit while still fingering me. That didn’t work so we decided to give up on that and have our fun. We were going doggy style and my g-spot was so full with fluid that he was able to hit it just fine. Rather upsetting still nothing. Him and I both think it would be sexy as hell if I could squirt all over. I think in this case its safe to say its not you (my husband) its me because he’s doing everything right. For some reason I can have the sensation but not the ejaculation. Is there something that I need to do that I don’t know about?

Rachel - August 26, 2011

I am a girl who always squirts when I come. Especially with oral or masturbation. So far my record is 12-15 times in 20-30 minutes. My boyfriend really has a problem with it, though. He says that it is too wet and he really doesn’t like it at all and I have no idea how NOT to do it. Can you give me any ideas on how to stop doing the squirting? I’d really appreciate it.

hung dude - June 19, 2011

I went out with this chick that was 31 I was 24 at the time! She thought
my first time being with a woman would be Wham Bham! She was in for a real
big surprise.Let me tell you now she was a cocktail waitress that worked at
a strip club. We went to bed together that night and I just started doing
what I thought was natural and what I thought she may like. I played with
her big clit and kissed and felt her all over she started getting wetter
and wetter. When we got started doing it she said how long is this going
to take I’m getting tired holding my legs up. I just kept pumping away
harder and harder she got to the point like she was going to pee and I
just kept going by that time it felt like you stuck it in an ocean or
bottle of crisco! It was so wet you couln’t even feel her anymore. When
we both woke up the next morning she had left a huge wet spot all over
the bed. She claimed that she never had a orgasam? I had some buddy that
told me she got off several times.

Grey02str - April 25, 2011

Wow this is the best advice any guy can get!
you really changed my life with this, thanks, seriously

I’ve been gettin girls from all my classes to cum easy, everytime the first try with all of them, 3 multiple times. They definitely enjoyed it .


…nd good luck to everyone else, its easy and worth it for u and her!

Nikki - January 25, 2011

The only way I’ve ever been able to orgasm was by dry humping. I could never orgasm during sex. No matter the partner, it would eventually start hurting or just getting old. Idk. My current boyfriend, one of the only men I’ve ever loved, is really good in bed, but even so, I couldn’t orgasm. I’ve investigated it a lot and I can’t figure it out. So I saw this squirting thing in a porn and thought it was interesting. I started researching squirting, making me want to masturbate. So I finally did. I relaxed myself, masturbated a little in the show, then actually sat in front of a mirror and continued to masturbate so I could see. ( I went pee before this) I eventually did squirt and I was really surprised because I wasn’t sure if I could orgasm any other way (I’d been getting a little self conscious). Although it felt great, when I orgasm by dry humping, I have a better feeling orgasm. I’m not sure why this is.

QldGuy90 - January 20, 2011

Female squirting, I found it fascinating, and when I saw it on porn movies I thought it was such a turn on. I am always trying to make sure my fiance is satisfied after we have sex or make love, I mean for me it is always good you know, I can reach climax no worries… So can she, better than any of my ex girlfriens, so I thought I’d do some research on female ejaculation and see how it works… and then I stumbled across Jason Julius, I tried some of his techniques but she just wasn’t quite reaching the squirt. When I tried it again, after reading this page on how to make a girl squirt, and sticking to it like you said, it finally happened… she was squirming so much and practically screaming and losing her breath. I was totally shocked, I’d kind of given up hope and thought it wouldn’t happen, but when it did she got it all down her leg and all up my arm, all over the bed, all over my face (I couldn’t help but go down there and drink it as she came.) Straight afterwards (after squirting say four or five times) we had sex (after she had caught her breath of course), and while we were having sex, just as I came I felt more of her juices drip down between my legs. I am hoping she can do this alot more often now, but hopefully not every time we have sex, I don’t want to wear her out too much :P
For all the guys (and girls) out there that have thought aboutit, or have given up, keep trying, it really works and it is amazing, totally worth the effort.

Little Joey. - January 9, 2011

I love making women squirt. Believe it or not I had my first girlfriend squirting like a champ by fingering her pussy and sucking her clit. I recently had a girlfriend who could squirt over and over and over. The bed would be soaked and she’d beg md to finish cause she couldn’t take it any more. My penis has a slight curve in it and, in the missionary position or if she’s on top, the head rubs right up agaist a womans g spot. I’m in my 50s now. I’ve made so many woman squirt that I have to belive every woman can. By the way, I’m not big by any imagination but it’s true about whst they say about the motion of the ocean

JMagnum - January 1, 2011

Woow all this time I was almost there….my fiancé would always say I have to pee when I was pounding her and I would let her go to the bathroom…man…I was so close to the finish line and didn’t even know it..lol oh after reading this oh she is squirting tonite.

brodster - December 19, 2010

Wow,this is a great site. One would think that this info was meant for females but to the contrary, this info is all for the guys so they don’t keep fumbling around and missing the mark!!! This is what girls dream of!!!! Believe this info and believe it is all possible, patience is key and openness!!

gywnne - December 19, 2010

I love your sight. I meet this man about 7 months ago he keep telling about the squirting I had no ideal what he was talking about. So I did try to reach it not much out their tell I found your sight. Dam being 36 I thought I new it all. That was the best orgamsem of my life , I was out for 4 hours. Dam this sight is good an he is great, love it. now I can’t get enough of him always want more!!!!! Thank you!!! An dam thank him for knowing what to do. My girlfriends just don’t believe me their fault not mine. Have fun all Jason is the shit!!!!

tricky81 - December 7, 2010

my boyfriend found my g.spot pretty easily,i didn’t even know it exsisted! i’ve cum before through clit stimulation but this was something else.at first i was embarrassed because i thought i’d pee’d myself there was that much juice so we decided to have a look on the net,after finding this site it became very clear that it wasn’t pee!! after reading this,we tried to make me squirt and BOY did i squirt,i’d say between 10-15 times in a couple of hours,i couldn’t believe it,i loved it,he loved it,he was covered in it, all over his face,the bed was soaked (thats after we’d already soaked the sofa)!!! since this happened,i’ve fallen even more in love with him,infact now,he only has to touch me a little and i’m soaking wet,i think being with someone you love,who you find so unbelievably gorgeous really helps too!!! i just can’t get enough of him!! thanks,great advice!!

Richard Campbell - November 24, 2010

im deffinately trying this on my girlfriend tonight when she gets in from school (dont worry she’s a last year) she’s been asking me about it for days now if ill do it to her but i truely didn’t know how thanks alot for this demonstration of what to do ill post back what the result is and im deffinately going for a 7 times in 45 minutes or if i can possibly better so ill keep 3-4 towels handy ;) thank you!!

Stephanie - October 31, 2010

My boyfriend found out about squirting and I have been so confused about it. He would try, and try but I could never seem to get there. I would ask him, “how do I know if I’m going to squirt or not?” “What am I supposed to do so that I squirt” But now that I’ve read your article about it, I understand it a lot more. I’m definitely going to be getting him to read this article, and try it out when he gets back in town! Thanks so much!

Marcia - October 2, 2010

I’ve been married for a little over years. I had squirted a few times in the past. But I got embarrassed by all the liquid.
Few months back found about squirting. So showed the video to myhusband… and he started praticing. After a month we got it the first time AMAZING!!! I LOVE IT! and never stopped again.. NOW i squirt times or more. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!

Tony - September 24, 2010

Before reading this I already knew where to find the g spot I just didnt know you had to play with it for a long time. So yes this does work, it was my wife’s first time squirting we had been trying for a while until today SHE FINALLY SQUIRTED!!!!!! THANKS FOR THE HELP.

mark - September 17, 2010

Only 3 times? Hell my wife can squirt multiple times, as many as a dozen or more, ecspecialy if shes been drinking and on the tipsy side. The first time she squirted, I was eating her pussy and she filled my mouth with her sweet nectar. We both had never experienced this before and she was quite embaressed and began apoligizing. Though I was surprised, I told that I enjoyed it and I made her gush a few more times. After that it was a regular thing. At times I don’t think one could have soaked the sheets anymore if there had been a five gallon bucket of water dumped on the bed. Her clit was the key to my juicy rewards.

Lisa - August 9, 2010

This article was suprisingly accurate in my opinion. The first time I experienced squirting was while masturmating when I was 14. The feeling it produced was out of this world. Since then I have experienced this with several partners since then but in several different ways. One, I was amazed when I squirted without penetration. He had me so aroused from kissing and sucking on my tities I made a huge mess. During oral sex my man knows exactly when I’m about to make a mess and he makes sure he catches all of it, leaving me even more horney. I’ve been with the same man for two years and he makes me squirt repeatedly during every sexual encounter we have. It is exhausting and I pass out and sleep great!He’s definetly a keeper.Also for those who think its pee, get yourself some black sheets in the morning you will see the white mess left all over it. I have worked in nursing homes and potty trained three children and I have yet to see pee appear white after its dry.

keen2tryitsoon - July 27, 2010

Before my ex wife & I were married she used to to get me to stop when I would stimulate her g spot because she thought she would pee.

Then one time she was standing up faced away from me & I was licking/kissing & fondling her all over when suddenly a gush of liquid went down her leg, I thoght she had urinated but out of respect I did not mention it.

Then when my ex invited her best friend into bed for a threesome & she watched me licking her best friends pussy she squirted heaps as soon I moved onto licking hers.

Now married to the ex wifes friend (he he) & she is a vixen who loves sex with no inhibitions & she has squirted once with me but not too spectacular, but she oftens pants & says “I want to squirt” when she is about to cum, in fact last weekend out on drive she was masturbating as we drove along & she said she almost squirted.

So now armed with the info on here I am quite sure she will be squirting tonight!

Gaz - July 13, 2010

I tried it with my fiancée an she got to the peeing part an started goin mental closing her legs an jerking up sayin stop I need to pee I need to pee. I told her she didn’t but I didn’t fight her she broke free an ran for the toilet. It sounds sick but It helped her go for a number 2. Which she has struggled to go for in near 2 weeks. So maybe it’s a gud job I did stop incase she dun more than ejaculate. I don’t feel as if Im hittin the g-spot cos am not getn that ruff patch feelin

tom - July 13, 2010

I was using this method on my girfriend and she started bleeding so we stopped. later on she stopped bleeding so we had u know what ;) she put a tampon back in and when she took it out six hours later there was only a tiny amount of blood on her tampon. was that not her period earlier??

Sarah - July 11, 2010

i am a 23 year old girl, and, have never squirted – i honestly thought when guys mentioned it, it was actually a girl urinating. I’ve found that my past boyfriends have been quite lazy when it has come to sex, and havent been too interested in foreplay, let alone oral sex or using their fingers on me. I only hope to find a guy who doesnt just wanna get his kicks from watching porn all day and who realises that us non-porno women need some loving too.

Jaayman - July 6, 2010

Ok was with this girl who has never orgasmed in her life! we always got to a point where her arousal was making her love it and i could tell she was gettin closer to cumming but all of a sudden it would subside and her wanting to have sex would disappear. Im curious as to whether something like this would help her achieve orgasm and if so i need to get back with her and do it…

S&M - July 5, 2010

We (my gf and I) tried this a couple of hours ago after reading the article…amaaaaaazzzziiinggggg….she had this big brimming smile afterwards…then we did it a second and third time. Our sex life was already incredible, but never saw her squirt before…need to flip the mattress or sumn…cant wait to read more articles…We thank you :)

Dave - June 28, 2010

Hello everyone. The post in here are very precise and to the point. I have been trying to get my wife to squirt last night but no with no success. Me and my wife both believe that she almost got there cuz she need to pee very bad. Her concentration was over power by the desire to pee. i am going to try again.

Al - June 18, 2010

I have been trying to make my wife Squirt, but she makes me stop when she fells the urge to pee, I try to explain to her that that´s not pee but she doesn´t beleive me, I will keep on trying tonight by rubing oil inside her vagina and with my two midle fingers will begin again, I´ll keep you posted guys. wish me luck.

S D - June 18, 2010

I’ve been with my girl for a few months. Things are going good. Falling in love etc. So I looked this up yesterday and decided to try it. It worked! In fact, it worked 6 times. :X My bed was a complete mess afterwards and all she could do after we finally got around to the sex part was lie there face down and moan and whisper “fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck” and that ultimately turned to “that was amazing”. She asked me if she had squirted everywhere and I said yes and she looked surprised. She said she had done that one other time but it was easily the best ever. She was nearly incoherrant afterwards and it was awesome. Thanks for this!

Nicki - May 30, 2010

I dont know how resourceful this article is but I can guarantee that I will be trying to make myself squirt from here on out. I do feel as though it is mind control more so than the action itself. I’ll let you know!
In my case, I decided to go out of town to celebrate my 26th bday. While shopping my friends met some guys and coincidentally one of the guys was celebrating his bday as well. Long story short, we all hung out for four days straight. The guy and I hit it off really well. The last night that I was in town we became sexual partners.
I couldnt understand how this guy I met one time could have me so sprung. It definitely didnt help that he was a tongue master. In 4hrs I was cumming more than I ever experienced in 6yrs of being with the same guy. Master, would tell me how and what he’d do with me the next time I was in town. He wanted me to come back a week after I left. He kept telling me all he needed was one full day of me and him. Well that never happened. I tried to work things out with my ex and after a few months things were the same as usual. I was tired off getting that bs and I started thinking of my friend. I called him on a limb one day and by friday I was hitting the road. I was driving in blowing snow and a drive that normally takes 5hrs took 8. I think the stimulation was already present just knowing and anticipating what he was going to do to me. I mean it doesnt help that he’s a great gentlemen, honest, has big dick, and loves slurpping on my clit. Upon reaching his apartment, I was up so long that I feel asleep but when I woke to his hard dick sticking me in the ass, I was definitely ready! I previously told him I was a squirter which was a lie but I made him a believer. After hours of four play and sex, I was riding him when I felt like I had to pee. I didnt want to pee on his dick but it felt so good that I couldnt stop. I eventually squirted all over his chest, it was all over his thighs and when we both got up it was running down my legs, and the sheets and mattress was completely soaked. I was embarassed but I knew the passion I was holding in for months of longing for him made me squirt. Needless to say, I replaced his old sheets with new comforter sheet set. I guess I get a kick out of buying his new sheets because I know that everytime he lays his head down or lays another woman down for that matter, I was the reason why he had to replace his sheets……Now he’s trying to accomplish me squirting over and over again, at least twice in one weekend.

dan - May 30, 2010

Ashley, he is not in the wrong spot, you are just so sensitive that no work had to be done… you instantly felt like you had to pee, So don’t stop… Good article, i have done this before with every gf Ive had, and it is great. I love doing it as much as they love getting it. I really don’t understand the guys who aren’t into learning how to please their woman… To those guys… Stop being so selfish.

sam - May 28, 2010

we are married for 16 years, and are in the age group of 40’s
I try many time on my wife to see her squirting , but so far failed.
I have also used vibotor and licked and what not , I see alot of cum , but no squirting.
But once when my friend was enjoying my wife that time she squirt and I saw a lot pee like coming out , he was working with his finger on her .
Pls advice

Ashley - May 19, 2010

Me and my husband tried it today and we couldn’t do it it seemed like as soon as he stuck his fingers in me and hit that spot I felt like I had to pee is he in the wrong spot can somebody help me please

trish - May 4, 2010

ive been trying to make myself squirt the last couple of nights and just cant do it i want to learn to surprise my boyfriend when here gets back from being away at work for the last mth im getting frustrated though can someone please give more tips :)

chick - May 2, 2010

i squirted for the first time the other night! never done it before and wasnt even trying lol it was a bit of a shock for both me and my partner. she was just fingering me and pushing deep inside till i was ready to cum then licked my clit as i orgasmed each time. this went on 2 or 3 times then on my final orgasm it just felt so intense and as i came loads gushed out all over her hand! the orgasm didnt feel any different it was just very intense feeling and i only noticed i had squirted when i felt her hand… and wet bed sheets lol xx

CP3 - April 21, 2010

It’s hilarious how people are intriqued with squirting. I’ve been doing this on all my girls since I was 17. That’s probably why I have 4 kids by 4 different women. And they all love me still and want me to f*ck them. They say they never had the experience before. You’re giving the secrets away. I’m married now and my wife and I have a healthy sex life because I can give her this type orgasm. Matter of fact while f*cking her I make her hold it him and stand over me and squirt it all over me while I rub her p*ssy with my fingers. She loves to do it.

paigey - April 5, 2010

i was curious about squirting, so i came across this website and decided to try it. i read the part where you said ‘If you do it wrong, or if she’s on her period, she might bleed’, and that’s the part that’s worrying me, because i’m pretty sure i squirted, but i squirted blood. :/ did i do something wrong? because it felt good, it just wasn’t the liquid i was hoping for!

jasmine - March 31, 2010

After a year of trying I finally squirtted! I can’t wait to show my boyfriend he’s gonna be mad I learned by myself but atleast I know when he doesn’t get the job done I can ;-)

purple39 - March 29, 2010

Well I just read this article because I was interested in seeing what the technique was to make a woman squirt. I am a woman and I squirt but have only been able to squirt from penis penetration while I was on top. I have never squirted any other way but I have also never had oral sexx performed on me so I dont know if I could do it from being stimulated orally.
I can make myself do it from masterbation by using a massager and laying it on my clit and when I squirt its usually a lot. I usually make a huge mess especially if I have been overly stimulated from watching movies etc. I cant wait to find a BF to try this oral method out with. Thanks.

Brett - March 22, 2010

I did this last weekend with my girlfriend, it worked wonders. I had her squirting all over my hand and the sheets. Totally Hot!! As I was fingering her she was so wet i had to increase to 3 fingers, she was so wet. All while giving her some great head. She loved every minute of it, as well as me too. =P I love making her squirt.

Madi - March 22, 2010

Haven’t got my boyfriend to use this tip yet but it sounds like it could work I’ve only ever made myself squirt through clitoral stimulation and i LOVE it. Can’t wait to show him this!!!

shelly - March 15, 2010

wow!!!me and my hubby were doing this the other night without reading this article first and it happened everything that was in this tip actually happened!!!it was so amazing i loved it and so did my husband. damn it was great!!!!

CESAR - March 14, 2010

Wow CASSANDRA ! that’s awesome Lol, i’m still working on making a girl SQUIRT. lol. ADD ME ON MYSPACE CASSANDRA myspace[.]com/cromero8589

wayne - March 13, 2010

i love it wen my gf cums hard and squirts. It is very erotic and sexy. And i always feel very good knowing i have coaxed it all out of her and left her very satisfied! How i get her to squirt is by fingering her hard, increasing speed and power as i continue and give her clit contact with my tongue every few secs until she explodes all over me. So sexy and works everytime!

Cassandra - March 8, 2010

This is so good!
Its works with some sexpositions too!
I squirted 11 times this weekend!
It was amazing!

jeff - February 4, 2010

Now here is something strange… I once had a girlfriend that could squirt but never had an orgasm in her whole live. It seems she had some kind of physical orgasm, but she didn’t really feel it.

Then I had two other girls who came all the time, about 3 to 7 times per sex, but never squirted. So I don’t see the point why squirting should give you a better orgasm bru… ?!

spkeiy - February 3, 2010

i have been trying to talk my girl friend it to squirting method but she always shys away from the topic what can i do to change her mind


Pam & Scott - February 2, 2010

Omg. Thank you 1000 times over. My boyfriend has been wanting to try this so tonight when were having sex we decided to look it up and see if we could get tips on how it was done. It was amazing. I had never felt like that before. it felt really good and we then had sex after it. We are very keen on this now. We have never been able to find another site which describes the techniques so well. Thanks x

Linda - February 1, 2010

I had the most incredible orgasm of my life not too long ago. This guy was amazing. He started to finger me and it was rough..but at the same time I was getting wetter.. he also ws kissing me and playing with my tits too so all was being stimulated. but then he made me squirt for the first time .. omg like u said i thought i had to pee but it was cum and lots of it all over him .. he kept doing it like every 15 min.. i squirted about 6 or 7 times then my pussy got sore so we stopped.. but it was incredible.. he wasnt the best looking guy in the world but with that talent.. ill do him again.. lol

ANOM - January 30, 2010

i really want to try this i believe it will work ive been tryin for the longest to squirt but didnt know how to tell my partner im definitely going to have my boyfriend to read it so we can get it heated!!!

B.A.M. - January 30, 2010

i have squirted many of times n this is the best feeling in the world because afterward we have sex for hours. its amazing the things you can learn from exploring.

steven - January 28, 2010

If she doesnt believe you then look up some vids. Then she will realize its true and at the same time she will get excited and hopefully be ready to try it.

Tom - January 23, 2010

My girlfriend doesnt think that there is such a thing as squirting or an orgasm from fingering and I think I get her close cause she says she has to pee and she gets me to stop always cause she thinks that she’s going to wet the bed. How do I tell her this is not true?

brittany - January 14, 2010

wow! me and my bf had been together for almost 2 years and he tells me all the time he wants to make me squirt! wait til i tells him about this! cant wait to try it! thanks!

One eye Willie - January 10, 2010

I made my girl squirt and It feels good and she allowed me to have a 3sum with her and her best friend and I felt so accomplished bcuz I made them both squirt ….the bed was soaked and the floor was slippery

Louie - December 11, 2009

While the techniques posted above are, on the whole, pretty damn good techniques, some of the science behind it is not so accurate. As far as latest studies show, there is still scientific debate on whether all women have G-Spots-so it is NOT a proven fact that all women have them. Also, staying hydrated really has no correlation with squirting. The clear liquid is actually a natural lubrication that women’s vaginas produce and with continual stimulation increases.
“oral increases power, pleasure and increases chances of female ejaculating orgasm.” <– maybe for some, but also not something necessarily considered commonly practiced. Essentially you're right by focusing on the stimulation of the clitoris, hood, and outer region. That's why the phrase "not the size of boat, but motion of ocean" is technically accurate.
Also, the "97%-99% of women are capable" is FAR FROM THE TRUTH! First of all, there is no medical means of seeing if a woman is capable of squirting. Secondly, the number can't be right seeing as the American Psychology Association recently published stats in report stating that an estimated 30-40% of women claim that they have NOT or unsure if they have ever orgasmed (much less squirted).
Finally, although this may be effective for some, it may not be for all. DON'T BE DISCOURAGED! Our bodies all work differently and we get aroused differently so remember if it doesn't work or you don't like it – it's prob not that you are doing it wrong (as there is no or will ever be fool-proof method)it's just that your body prefers stimulation/arousal some other way.

But as far as the finger techniques…EXCELLENT!!

p.s. in regard to Charlie's comment, as far as science and religion are concerned we are given a penis to procreate, not for mere pleasure/stimulation…although taht is a plus!

dewey - November 14, 2009

i was always wondering if most girls could do this… my bf says that he has always wanted to b w a squirter, n if i was 1 that i would b everything he ever want plus more… so here i am…. i must say i am exicted to try this, but at the same time deathly scared…..i usually get the feeling that i need to pee so i stop or slow down, but the thing that worries me it that…. what if i dont squirt, but pee…. that would be really embarassing :/

Gee - November 11, 2009

That was very accurate advice. I’ve been doing this to women for years and they all felt like I was the greatest afterwards. If your readers do this it will work almost all the time. The main thing is to convince the woman that when she feels she has to pee that she won’t. Once she’s comfortable with that and relaxes there is no limit to how many times she’ll cum like that. Just be ready to flip the mattress

readyornot - November 9, 2009

If you’re trying girl on girl, put a condom over your fingers to prevent scratching and use lube! Pressure on the lower abdomen can also help- use your free hand to press on the outside until you can feel your fingers… F-A-N-T-A-S-T-I-C

Ladies can also practice on them selves by pushing/bearing down while masturbating with a vibrator.

Nessa - November 4, 2009

In addition to this, it is also possible for girls to make themselves squirt. I actually squirted for the first time this weekend, by stimulating the sensation myself, and my boyfriend watched. With the “I have to go pee” sensation, there will also be a hot, burning sensation, so if she does not know about this, tell her that it’s normal. I won’t lie though, it WAS the best orgasm I ever had in my life…so far. ;D

phoseluvr - October 28, 2009

I have to say that until I met this one particular woman, I was unaware of this was even a possibility. She warned me that she is a squirter and I didn’t have a clue what she meant, and I thought that I had seen and done most everything when it came to sex, WOW was I wrong. This experience was THE most erotic and stimulating things I have ever seen! She could do it over and over again and in buckets every time! And she required very little stimulation, she could squirt just from a simple blowjob. we would lay towels out all over the place to soak it up!
I have never seen this before or after! I think about it all the time, I cant get it out of my mind. So I am here so that I could try to help my current lover do this. She loves when I go down on her and cums almost immediately. I hope this works, I thinks she will love it! Wish me luck!

martian man - October 22, 2009

tryed this lil technique out. and it worked like a charm. took the advice about teasing and well i am going to have to do some shirt shopping now. anyone know where to buy cheep sets of sheets my girl squirts more and more every time.

Psycho_Mistress - October 20, 2009

I wish my bf comes across this website!!
If not i will bloody show him!

Lots of squirting to come i hope! :P

Amber - October 18, 2009

Well, I have been away on a business trip and I am coming home tomorrow and my husband said he had a suprise for me. And I begged him to tell me. And he said he was going to make me squirt…. Personally from whats in the article I cant wait….Thanks

Roy - October 10, 2009

Actually 95% of women can do this….Its not only a matter of hitting the g-spot but also having enough girth to keep the tissues pushed away from the g-spot

Adam - September 11, 2009

I found out my girlfriend was a squirter and she didnt even tell me; So now that I know these little extra tips it is going to make it even easier. Im experienced but this is great info, but I didnt know about the pee sensation, thats most helpful.

I know where the g spot is, and I know how to make a woman cum but I want to leave her exhausted in the end and Im more than confident this will contribute. Im going to f*** her the next time I see her and this just made me more knowledgable. Thanks!

luke - September 10, 2009

im 26 not 16…

Luke - September 9, 2009

Hey i read your topic and thought i must give it ago. I been with my girl since i we were 14 and now i am 16 so i thought it would take her to a whole new level. I have tried this technique out several times now and she says it feels amazing when she cums but she does not squirt. I feel a rough patch with my fingers where u described and i rub/tab and apply pressure which really stimulates her. I was wondering if i should carry on after she cums but she gets really sensitive so i stop…should i carry on? If i do will it make her squirt the second time around?

Post a answer maybe or email me please …

thankyou and thankyou for the post.

secretlove - September 9, 2009

we’re trying this thursday night! i’ve never squirted before and i’m nervous but I can’t wait! ill report back after!!!

John G - August 17, 2009

Thanks for the more detailed info man. I knew most of it and squirting is ok. but my girl says that the times she doesnt squirt actually feel better… you guys make sure you kiss your girl allot not just on the lips explore a ton and another thing i found out is if you think she is ready shes not unless shes pulling your cloths off.. when you think she is ready give her at least two more mins. I love fingering my girl and often i do it until shes pulling my cloths of because at that point shes about to cum and when we have sex she has multiple orgasms. I dont know about you guys but my girl goes on top first because you want to keep stimulating her G-spot and her clit and when she on top i can make that happen so easily. Just dont forget foreplay is a MUST just because you want to fuck dont think shes ready. My girl comes home from work and asks for me to give her orgasms so take my word, give her a long time to get warmed up and dont be scared to push hard you most likely wont hurt her and if so just slow down she will tell you if it hurts

thebigdude - August 13, 2009

Do this technique to a young chick, 18 – 24 and she’ll fall head over heels… most women deem “I’ve never sqirtted all over the bed before like that” to “he’s a great lover.” Valuable stuff.

Skindroop Man - August 12, 2009

My girlfreind says this tapping feeling is horrible. Though it works and will make her squirt she says it feels disgussting and dosnt understand how any other woman can find it stimulating or enjoyable!
am i doing it wrong?
and body else found this?

Alex - August 8, 2009

I’ve always noticed that the girls I have sex with always have to go pee several times during sex. Now I understand why. Thanks for this article it is very helpful.

sleepy - August 4, 2009

kan some1 help me i dnt understan number 2

By making a beckoning motion with your two fingers (a come hither, bending fingers motion), you should be able to pull the fingerprint/pad part of the tips of your two fingers against that spot. Try it. Pull back against it with your two fingers and press a little. Tease it, stimulate it with your fingers. Make her feel good. She should be squirming and breathing very heavily by now.

Amazed! - July 27, 2009

This really does work, my bf tried it out on me and it was amazing… such a strange feeling but totally amazing!
Thank you to whoever wrote it!!! :)

john - July 18, 2009

i kno im gettin close to making her squirt but everytime she gets to the pee feeling she stops but after reading this article i kno its right around the corner and im a finally see her SQUIRT! THANX I CANT WAIT!

CP and JP - June 27, 2009

Thanks we have been married 14 years. Our first time I squirted three times. OMG I have never felt any thing like it.

justin - June 26, 2009

Read your tips, tried them out, wife says it was AWESOME! Thanks for the info!

By Passer - June 16, 2009

This sounds like an awesome suggestion, can’t wait to be trying it out myself.

I’ve had one sexual relationship and she used to squirt during sex making the bed VERY wet afterwards but thats only one.. * I think I enjoyed it more than her *

I’ve been with over 60 women and never tried this to this extent I can’t wait to bust it out next time.

God I feel so.. unexperienced haha.

Thanks for the page man, i’m going to love doing this. :D

john - June 13, 2009

three days ago i met a lover who could squirt and it was out of this world i must say i cant stop thinking about it wow

lil lisa - June 3, 2009

ive tried to get my bf to get me to squirt several times but just as im about to squirt, i cum and the big o never happens.. it blows

xhuliaa - April 27, 2009

well I decided I was bored and I’ve never had an orgasim before and kind of always wanted to . but me or my boyfriend didn’t know how to make it happen . after readinq this I’m hopeinq to try this out :) I really live how nice you were with the whole if it hurts her to stop & it will make her fall in love so don’t play with her . sounds soo sweet :) well can’t wait to try it . thank you :) write back soon hopefully .

John Humper - April 16, 2009

Dude I love this! Oh man i got covered in her sweet juices 11 times in a hour and a half. Dang I love it!

Big C - April 15, 2009

Inever thought that i will ever could do that without knowing. I continue to do it she almost past out on me but I never took my fingers out so I didnt saw the real deal so now that I read this because of my intrigue and this really turns me on a lot, I will look foward to see if she can really do that cause she says that she can do that and I keep telling her that every woman can do it, thanks

NANCY - March 17, 2009

I had no idea that, that peeing sensation was what happend right before squirting. I get that feeling all the time and I always stop having sex. This happens like atleast 3 times during and I never knew. I am so exited. I look forward to not stopping and squirting all over my lover every single time we do it. This is so sexy. Thank you.

rowin - February 26, 2009

dude!!!!!! YOU R A F@#$NG SEX G^D/genius!!!! i wish i cuold meet you sumday. im a south african(White) and its 23;49 here. i made my chick squirt for the first time in her life and she cant find the words 2 say thnx. she thought only whierd chx could squirt, well lets jus say you proved her wrong. shes sitting Nex 2 me while im posting this fast asleEp. thnx 4 everything man. p.s. damn i wish i could shake ur hand

SexTipsFree - February 26, 2009

hey mark, try by downloading and installing VLC video player from here:

mark - February 25, 2009

hey but i tried ta downaload d video and it says my windows player doesnt support it,hw can i fix it ta watch it?

Charlie - February 18, 2009

Just for posting’s sakes the record is 23 squirting orgasms with my style. So try i out, or better master it.

Charlie - February 18, 2009

Well. That’s one version of it.
The best thing as far as squirting is concerned is to cause it with your cock while pushing against her clitoris with your body thus resulting in a double climax. Fingers work well (for lesbians) but it is like masturbation…. nothing compared to the real thing as far as I have seen. There is a reason why nature gifted it us with penises and vaginas and why the human species has expanded in numbers so greatly in such a little amount of time. So my suggestion is : try to learn how to use your dicks and leave the fingering to the lesbians :/

anonymous - February 7, 2009

Im going to tell my hubby to read this so hopefully i can squirt i think its hot and especially girls doing it love it!!So if he doesn’t I will shoot em j/k I dunno though cuz he goes down on me n already makes me cum so this squirting thing better work ;) thanx!

anonymous - February 2, 2009

Wow. As a woman i am so impressed. My bf mentioned it and i was so unsure but after reading this it is a definite must. thanks for the help. :-D

fitzy 09 kidaa , liverpool - January 31, 2009

wats apnin i have red all off that its sounds good. av bin with me girls for 11 months on the 15th of feb hopfully ill make her quirt . i have made her cum but never squirt an i have done all of that befor bu never made her squirt bu ill jus have to keep trying . plz email me back an give me a few tips tar mait

Mike - January 25, 2009

I’ve wanted to make my Fiance squirt for ages now but just didn’t know how and thanks to the info hopefully we can make it happen. Thanks mate

mo - January 15, 2009

i give my girl orgasams but cant make her squirt..ive made her cum but not squirt…thankyou for the help i cant wait to go and try it tomoro nyt :D xx

brad - January 15, 2009

fanx 4 da advise have bin wiv my girl 8 months and stil not made her squirt yet and couldnt figure out y.. i would try and remember this but dont no how the f*** im ment 2 remember it all :S lol anyway with a bit of revision im sure my sheets will b getting soaked thanks!

sasha - January 13, 2009

i’ve learned to make girls cum all the time, usually i make them squirt and the sheets get soaked all the way to the mattress. everything mentioned here is pretty accurate.. the idea is correct, with some very minor variations from one girl to another. one thing to remember is not to rush the first orgasm. take the time to get her going with teasing. don’t get right down to business. teasing them is one of the bigest turn ons and often if you tease them right they cum quickly. also make sure to switch things up once you understand what to do, meaning try not to make things routine – switch up positions, while still targeting the same areas. all the other orgasms come easily after the first one, often surprizing women themselves. so many of them have no idea they can even have multiple orgasms, it’s really s shame. another thing i’ve found that works extremely well on all the girls is the up/down sliding motion instead of the in/out motion. if the girl is laying on her back lift her legs up and hold her ankles. while staying inserted all the way slide yourself up/down so your penis is only moving on the inside of her vagina, without coming out much. use her ankles to help yourself on the up/down motion. this position gives you extreme control without tiring you out too much. it’s in my top 3 for giving multiple orgasms/squirting. this works well once the girls are really wet. it also makes a great finishing move, almost guaranteing a powerful orgasm +/- q squirt. remember to not get hung up on the same thing.. make sure to tell them what you’re doing as well as what it’s going to do to them.. your confidence alone is a turn on and if your suggestion sounds natural and confident they will assume you know and usually will feel whatever u said they would. i hope this last part makes sense to you but it has to do with communicating on the subconcious levels as well as power of suggestion, both of which are important when it comes to women and sex. as mentioned previously when it comes to women, sex and orgasms the game starts waay before the clothes comes off… btw for what it’s worth my record is 17 vaginal orgasms with out stopping, according to the girl videotaping me but i was kinda cheating being multiorgasmic myself ;)

raman - December 9, 2008

hmm,good detailed one really helppfull

mark - December 2, 2008

Yea but how do you make her shut the fuck up,
get you a beer, and let you and your mates watch the football …
only joking (well?) narr really, cheers for the advice. she’s gonna be more surprised than me i think.

Jonesy - November 17, 2008

yo, THANK YOU for posting this man, none of my friends believed my “pretty much all girls can squirt” theory… my record is 9… and from what i’ve learned it’s like described above ONLY a intra vaginal? i went scientific there, but it can only be achieved thru stimulation inside the vagina g-spot/ deep spot. but a like mentioned a few times it’s not an actual orgasm it’s just a bodily function that can easily be tied in with a vaginal orgasm. a lot of what is involved in giving a woman the orgasm of her life is psychological. so if you want to make a girl cum HARD i’d suggest working on your pre lay game along with your lay game :D cheers!

richard johnson - November 10, 2008

It works. It was fantastic. I was soaked with the first time by the end of the night the mattress was so soaked the next day I had to go get a new one. Now when we do it we do it outside. You will be happy to know that I beat your 7 times in 45 minutes. I got her 10 times in 1 hour and she passed out for 5 hours.

spark - November 5, 2008

my fiancee is in the army, and not home right now, but he said he really wants to try making me squirt, im doubtful that he will be able to, but i can only hope he manages to find this site, it may help him to know what to do, even if its not possible for me, thanks

Christy - October 18, 2008

Wow, great article! I’m a girl, and I have never squirted.. I want to try it, but I don’t really know how to say this to a guy.. :P

j money - September 24, 2008

so I have been wondering how to getva girl to squirt and I have done slot of research and yours helps me the most by far. It is very in depth and I can’t wait to try it with my girl friend on Saturday. Thanks alot bro

scott - August 12, 2008

yo thanks for the tips. its cool someone put that much work into learning all this stuff. I havn’t had a chance to try the squirting part but i gave my girlfriend the massage and we could tell right away that she could do it but then my friends dropped by and interrupted. Thanks a bunch man

ytell - July 28, 2008

This actually works… I tried it on my gf the past 2 nights. I could tell she enjoyed it cause usually during foreplay she’ll stop me, and say she want to feel me in her, but she let me get her to her peak without a word! She left my bed soaking the second time…. During the 1st time she was just very, very creamy all over… She loves this though…..


Curious - July 20, 2008

cool info man!i haven’t tried to make a girl squirt this way before, but my girlfriend has a spot much resembling the g-spot in her butt. and i have used a similar teqnique to make her squirt. but i’ve also seen girls squirt from just rubbing their clit…is that normal too?and how do u do that?i wanna know;)

Keonta Virge - July 6, 2008

sorry to burst but i killed your record of somewhere between 10-15 times cuz the girl as well as myself lost count…I was pretty much salty that she had messed up my sheets and mattress

matt bolton - June 20, 2008

nice one for the tip, my girlfreinds well pleased!

Romeo - June 16, 2008

Thanx for the info man it works, it tried it on my gf n she loved it she wanted me to do it 2 her every time we made luv, she fell for me even more then she did when we first hooked up, n i keep on planing to keep learning more ways to keep a woman happy.

JR-007 - June 13, 2008

Hi, and thank you so much for this post. I am in Afghanistan right now and since I read this post I can not stop thinking about making my BEAUTIFUL girlfriend squirt when I come home from this war. We have sex about 10 times per day as it is, so this should really add to that ALOT!!!

Anyway, I have talked with many of my military buddies out here and I think you have got close to an entire unit of Taliban Killers all thinking about this. I emailed it to all of them. It is the new talk on the combat field.

So, thank you and happy squirting…

Sergi - May 30, 2008

It really works
she did squirt allover the place
but i LIKED IT
Damn she was so hot and wet and she made me explode
after her orgasm we had sex 10 times!!!!!!!!!
thanks for the article man
you are one of a KIND

antony - May 24, 2008

actually i tried whit my gf…she did it…i mean she was able to squirt but she didn’t like it that much …she say she prefer 10000 times the normal one….

:-) whatever…thank’s for suggest and….also if she didn’t like it that much i loved it…don’t know why but is really nice!
thank’s a lot

anonymous - May 23, 2008

hi, nice tips.
i made my girlfriend orgasm wearing clothes. she was wearing jeans, tshirt and sneekers!! jejeje
Like the article said, there ar lots of make a woman orgasm/squirt/etc. In my case, i made her orgasm kissing and using my thounge on her neck and ears.
I heard lots of woman that likes this things…

sorry for my bad english, im from spain

S.G - May 22, 2008

Im a lesbian and ive tried this on my girlfriend, and she loved it. I Mean it was the first time we ever did anything so i had to make it the best. She fell for me. Afterwards we were laying there and she told me that was the best she has ever had. Thanks. :D

antony - May 21, 2008

i really have to try this!!!!
whit the video i understood a bit more on how to make it:-p ….u know not being mother-language english i’ve some difficoulties to understand some part but….out of it i think i know how to make it!at least i already know where to touch :-)))))

thanks a lot for the article and as soon as i’m able to try it whit my partner i’ll tell u if it work..if not u have to explain it to me again cause look really exciting for the girl in the video u shared whit us

brad - May 12, 2008

ty for the tip dude i got my girlfriend to squirt 3 times she was asleep within 20min after

but to any1 elts that reads this as ada said it’s not the end of the end of the road it can get better[for her]

Ada - April 17, 2008

Yes, well, before you start believing you’ve found your Holy Grail, I should mention, as a girl that has squirted several times, that in my experience those weren’t among the best orgasms I’ve ever had. It was fun, it was exciting as far as trying out something new was concerned and, yes, those orgasms are very exhausting. But they weren’t THAT special. I’m actually pretty sure that some trained women can squirt even without achieving a real orgasm. But it depends. Make sure to ask your partner how she liked it. Even if she won’t be able to mutter a word after that experience, you’ll surely see it in her eyes ;-)

john mccormack - April 15, 2008

cheers mate your tip worked are there any other ways i can make my girlfriend squirt?

ali - April 14, 2008

wow thx 4 this

Kay - April 13, 2008

Excellent article! I’m surpised nobody commented on this. Thanks a lot. I’ll come back and report on the results just as soon as i get hold of my partner.

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