Signs of Erectile dysfunction (ED) and Treatment

Erectile dysfunction is when a man cannot get or maintain an erection. It is something which many men find difficult to deal with. This is because it is often something that they do not want to talk about or seek help with and worrying about the condition can often make it worse.

There are a variety of reasons as to why this condition might occur. Some are medically based such as the side effect of certain illnesses or medication. Sometimes it is not due a physical condition but possibly stress or psychological trauma. Sometimes the man does not know why it is occurring. It is very important to seek medical attention if this starts happening. This is because it can be a symptom of a disease and it is worth getting checked to make sure that this disease is not present.

There are many theories and possible cures on line and it is important that you use something which is well researched and has therefore been clinically proven to work. Not only may it be dangerous to try something which has not be scientifically tested, it may also do more psychological harm. This is because a person may get very excited at the prospect of finding a treatment. They may assume that it will work. If it does not work they may feel even more inadequate because they have failed at  the cure. If this happens several times then the man’s self esteem may fall very low. They will be even less likely to seek medical assistance about the problem, less likely to talk to anyone about it and it could effect their relationships even with people they are not sexually intimate with.

Many men try to resolve the situation themselves by using drugs such as viagra. In most countries it is only available on prescription although there does tend to be a way of getting hold of it without one. It is important to be very careful when buying it. It is very easy for someone to sell tablets which contain no active ingredients or ones which are potentially dangerous. It is best to ask the doctor where the best place is to use the prescription and not to try to find a supplier yourself. It could e a cheaper and less embarrassing way of doing things but probably not worth it. It is also important to see the doctor as it is possible that the viagra may react with any medication you are currently taking or effect you if you have certain medical conditions.

There are some companies which do legally prescribe impotence medication online. You will have to have an online diagnosis and if you have a medical condition such as heart problems then you may be referred to your GP. This is because these types of medication tend to lower blood pressure and if medication is already being taken which will do this then it may have nasty side effects. However, it is great option for men who want to take this type of medication but feel too embarrassed to discuss it face to face with their doctor. Although the medication can be collected from a local pharmacy, it can also be posted discreetly to the home so there is no need for any contact with a person apart from during a confidential on line diagnosis.

  • May 1, 2014
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