Do You Get Sore Legs After Sex?

Sex for sure is a pleasurable experience but at the same time, it might involve some discomforts too. There are uncalled for conditions that arise during or after sex.

One of such conditions is suffering from legs sore after sex. This is a normal phenomenon, and so, you don’t have to worry.

While you are enjoying sex, you don’t want anything silly to kill that experience. Sometime or the other, we all experience getting our legs sore after sex.

This is not just happening to you, but to many people. You might be more worried probably because your friends don’t experience it, but you do.

To make you ease out a little, I will talk about a few concerns related to legs sore after sex.

Is soreness of legs after sex, normal?

Yes, it is pretty much normal. You can have the soreness lasting for a day or even for 3-4 days.

It depends on upon some factors such as positions tried during sex and intensity, largely.

What causes legs sore after sex?

When you do sex, you workout your muscles a lot. If you are doing it for the first time, you are bound to experience soreness in your legs or even in many parts of the body.

Sex makes the inner thigh muscles work out strenuously. These are the muscles that you don’t work out on a regular basis. It is same as experiencing pain after hitting the gym for the first day. 

If this is not the first time that you are doing sex, and still you experience legs sore after sex, then it might be because you tried a different sex position.

If your legs are stretched beyond a limit, they are bound to get sore. Also, check if there are mild rashes in your inner thighs or near your vagina.

It might have occurred because of rubbing too hard or spreading your legs too much.

Is legs sore after sex, a never-ending problem?

No, It is not! This is no disease that requires a cure. It is just a situation that has popped up for some reason. Get to the root of that reason and you are sorted.

For example; if it happens because of harsh or aggressive sex, ask your partner to go a little smooth. You will feel good after sex. Nothing will spoil it.

How to react to getting legs sore after sex in front of your partner?

No way would you want to kill the pleasure because of something insignificant like legs sore. So, react just normal and do not make it a matter of concern.

It will happen only if you prepare your mind that it is normal. Rest assured that sore legs or even cramping, is normal for women during or after sex.

When it happens to me, I just think, it is not my fault, so I do not get embarrassed.

Instead of stressing about this, try taking it in a funny way. Let your partner and you, bond over this thing and share a little laughter.

It will make things enjoyable and will also help you bond well with your partner.

How to prevent legs from getting sore after sex?

Like they say “Prevention is better than cure,” I will talk about the prevention first than cure. Talking about legs sore after sex, it is not that difficult to prevent this uncalled for situation.

All you need is a little understanding of why is that happening. It can sure get you to the zone where you start counting yourself not normal. But, the fact is, it can be very well prevented.

It might be happening because your legs are stretched a little too much. If this is the case, try not to go too hard on your legs.

Also, you might be experiencing sore legs after trying a particular sex position. Maybe, that position is just too bad for you. There are hundreds of others, try them!

Apart from your legs, if you suffer from a sore vagina, you can use lubricants and beat it. There is always a way if you have the will. Don’t panic in any of the situations.

Try and think of the solution to your cause. More sex will accustom your body and muscles against soreness after sex and eventually you will overcome it.

Your muscles will be habituated to get worked out, which is how you can prevent soreness of legs after sex.

How to cure sore legs after sex?

If you are experiencing legs sore after sex, very frequently, then here are some of the remedies that you can try. Try having ibuprofens that suit you.

It might help a lot every time you are down with sore legs. Apart from this, bring some required changes to your lifestyle.

Daily exercising will sure make you deal with the feet sore.

One very effective way is to try ice packs on your leg. If the pain and soreness are too much, an ice pack should help. However, medicines and ice packs aren’t the only way.

There are things apart from this; that will help you lessen the soreness if not completely beat it.

Technically, muscles get sore when they break down their protein, so better is to restore the protein externally.

Having milk along with almonds will help. If it does not lessen the pain immediately, it will sure prevent the soreness to remain for days together.

For temporary relief, you can soak your legs in the warm salt water. It will relax the muscles and release the soreness.

While experiencing soreness after sex is not much of concern, you should seek medical help if that is something unbearable.

Sex can at times be a pretty unsatisfying experience because of all this, but you can very well combat it.

All the questions listed used to arise in my mind until I found the exact solution and pacified myself.

Always remember, it is all in your mind. Especially when it comes to legs sore after sex, it can make your confidence low.

Never relate this to any medical condition until it is something beyond tolerance. Enjoy a healthy sex life considering all this as a part and parcel!

  • June 28, 2016
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