Methods of controlling premature ejaculation

There are many theories and techniques which people try in order to control premature ejaculation. How successful they are really depends on whether they are used correctly and the severity of the condition.

It could be worth trying a few things with your partner first, because it can be embarrassing going to a professional with a medical problem like this. However, if it is very severe then this could be the only solution. About ten percent of men have suffered form the condition at one time and so it is not that uncommon. Obviously it is not a condition that you will want to talk to just anyone about but a medical professional will be used to discussing all sorts of things and will certainly be sympathetic and able to offer some options and advice.


Some men find that a weak pelvic floor is causing the problem and practising some kegel exercises will help this. It should help the man keep in control of his ejaculation so he can hold off until necessary.

The Masters-Johnson method is probably the most likely route they will take to start with. This is a way that the penis can be squeezed, just before climax to prevent this from happening. There are now many people trained in the teaching of this technique. It is something which many people try but only those which have been taught by a professional find that it is effective. Even book or Internet teaching does not tend to work, a demonstration needs to be given as the placement of the squeeze is critical and if it is done in the wrong place then it does not work. There are many professionals that can help with these including private practitioners and relate.

Sometimes the problem is deemed to be cognitive. This means that the man puts pressure on himself to perform well, thinking that he needs to do lots of thrusting in order to pleasure the woman. The pressure that he puts on himself to perform well can lead to a stress reaction and this could be premature ejaculation. This therapy teaches the man that the woman can be pleasured in many ways and it is often fondling and oral sex which can bring her more pleasure than actually having an erect penis inside her. The realisation of this can be enough to reduce the stress and change the man’s technique enough to mean that premature ejaculation either no longer exists or is just not a problem.

There may be deeper psychological reasons why a man may be prone to premature ejaculation, perhaps because he has been forced to be quick as a young adult or is feeling stressed. If this is a possible cause then it may be a good idea to get assistance from a stress counsellor to work through the problem and then provide a solution.

It therefore may be important to try to discover the cause of the premature ejaculation before trying to treat it. This may be something which is known but is likely to need some counselling sessions in order to establish the cause.

  • March 1, 2013
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