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What I’ve Learned As a Model on MyGirlFund: Wives and Girlfriends can’t ignore virtual intimacy

Society is evolving and the human sexual experience is so much more than it used to be.

Free and unrestricted sexual exploration from the privacy of one’s own computer chair is now socially accepted and even expected. With the economic downturn, traditional jobs are on the decline. More people are working from home and many aren’t working at all. There’s a lot of idle hands out there looking for escape from stress and craving intimate connections.

You would think that demand for online sexual outlets is exploding, and it is, just look at how many free porn tube sites there are nowadays. But the adult industry didn’t get where it is today by offering money shots for nothing. Adult social networking sites like MyGirlFund, where I’m a model, have responded to the new lonely restlessness by offering guys an unprecedented level of access to the objects of their desire.

Wives and girlfriends should take note! No longer are guys surfing porn sites just to look. They are actively searching online for something more intimate and real. The want to feel connected to the girls. Pleasure seeking combined with the pursuit of a more meaningful experience is rapidly becoming the new standard. People fully expect to satisfy not only their sense of lust online, but also want to build meaningful relationships to fill their social void. Most of the guys I meet on MyGirlFund are carrying on at least a dozen intense virtual girlfriend relationships at any given time.

Adult networking is booming and new relationships spring up all over the world, spanning continents and seas effortlessly every second!

This sexually driven phenomenon is unfolding in ways that no scientist, or futurist could have ever predicted. Whether good, bad or otherwise, the internet and mobile technologies galore mean that you are never really away from your sexual interests, even when you are away! What might have been a passing fetish or curiosity now becomes something you can consume and realize anytime anywhere. You can also easily bond with like-minded individuals without regard for geography, class or social position. The internet has become it’s own separate evolutionary playground. Darwin has to be breakdancing in his grave right now.

Sextipsfree explores how your online life can really improve your sex life, and I couldn’t agree more that it does. I think that it goes further than that though. Think about being able to use your cell phone or tablet to skype, email and chat. Regular intimate encounters are gadget dependent and broadcasted worldwide as a matter of course for many couples. When you talk to one person using the internet, you are really talking to a thousand. Our biological need to communicate has become so easy to achieve! It has turbo-boosted each one of us onto a world-wide evolutionary playing field. Now we don’t just make ourselves physically attractive to win mates at home field, or office. We get our hair cut, nails done, and spend too much time at the gym, so that we can blast it out to the world via Tumblr, Facebook, and Twitter.

The self shot in the mirror posted to our social networking account is the new right of passage

The racy self-shot announces the arrival of a fresh competitor in the human gene pool. Our brains and face to face public forums still haven’t caught up to the actual importance of this. Each person next to you at the table has their own private stable of online personalities. This is a strong indication of what is to become of the traditional couple. Don’t drown in the tide of this powerful trend. Adapt accordingly if you want your relationship to survive this massive disruption of relationship paradigms.

With the economy so beat up, it is only natural that many girls milking the new idleness for all it’s worth. Sites like MyGirlFund allow girls to monetize their exhibitionist tendencies. These women get paid a ridiculous amount of money to be good at providing virtual intimacy and connection.

Girlfriends beware, this is no passing trend. We are moving in on your turf! You have two options. Make room for us gracefully or expand your picket fences into the virtual domain to keep us out.

Take a tip from a girl who is a professional virtual girlfriend on MyGirlFund. Don’t neglect your partners online life or his need for multiple intimate connections and fantasy role-playing, anonymous or not. Their online activities likely expose who they really are. Don’t be scared, embrace their needy beast within and explore your own!

  • March 31, 2013
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