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The art of seduction: why foreplay is so important for your relationship

Many people believe that, once you get past a certain stage in a relationship, foreplay becomes less important and then, eventually, non-existent.This should not be happening.

Foreplay is important to your relationship no matter what stage you’re at. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been married for 20 years, whether you only see your partner twice a week or if you’ve just met someone new, foreplay will always be important and this is why:

1) Bringing you closer together – Foreplay can bring couples closer together. It can create a strong bond between a couple, where they take turns in pleasuring each other and enjoying themselves.

2) Excitement – Foreplay can build up the excitement and pleasure before sex. Without foreplay, for some people, sex can be rushed, a complete turnoff and, in some circumstances, boring. This shouldn’t be the case. Taking part in foreplay before sexual intercourse can boost the excitement and enhance the experience, making the sex after foreplay mind-blowingly good.

3) Preparation – Some people, mainly women, need some time to prepare themselves before they can have sex. Foreplay helps people get in the right mood and feel completely relaxed and ready for sex.

If you find yourself uncomfortable when it comes to foreplay or you’re unsure of what to do, follow these useful tips:

See the doctor – If you’re hurting ‘down there’, don’t ignore it – see a doctor. Don’t feel shy or embarrassed, if you’re having problems, the best thing to do is get is checked out, get it fixed, then jump straight back into it.

Don’t be shy
– Foreplay should be as good for you as for your partner. If you want to try something new or something isn’t working, communicate with them and let them know exactly what you like and don’t like. You should be enjoying sexual experiences such as foreplay, so make it work!

Stick with it – There are some women who give up on having an orgasm right at the crucial moment. Stop self-sabotaging yourself! If you stay with it that little bit longer and just let go, your orgasm will come.

If you’re not sure about foreplay, please keep trying. It can improve relationships, bring couples closer together and enhance the fun had within the bedroom.

This post was written by Grace Nolan on behalf of Golden Root 365, specialists sexual health and enjoyment.

  • November 6, 2013
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