Pleasuring Women G Spot

Pleasuring Women G Spot G-Spot is one of life’s mysteries. For years, scientists and experts in sexual relations often argue about the body and most of them now agree that the G-spot exists and that can lead to an incredible orgasm.

What does the G-spot?

G (or Grafenberg) spot is a very sensitive area located inside the front of the vagina. When stimulated, the clitoris and can lead you to faster and stronger orgasms.

Why is it so special?

Deborah Sundahl, female ejaculation expert and author of “Female Ejaculation and the G-spot,” says: – G-spot orgasm a unique other than the clitoris. This is because the prostate has a different nerve than the clitoris, so she is feeling orgasm is different.

Does every woman?

Around this, scientists have not yet agreed, but experts have sex Lou Paget says: – Yes, the G-spot exists, but every woman is different. For some, the point of irritation amazing experience, while other women feel nothing. It is similar with nipples – for some women they are very sensitive, while others are not.

Guaranteed if the G-spot orgasm?

No guaranteed orgasm, but if you find suits you G-spot stimulation, it is definitely a good thing. The more you know about your taels, the greater the chances of orgasm.

How to find your G-spot?

There is nothing wrong with trying to find herself. Inside the vagina (some 3 to 5 inches deep from the vaginal opening) is a small, wrinkled thickening of tissue. It is located on the front of the vao be directed upward (toward beach with smooth sections, you find your G-spot.

Or try this tip that gives Lou Paget: – Instead of G-spot, try to find lying on the bed, crouch and try to find, but first you must be at least a little excited. Sometimes a woman can have too little fingers managed to touch the area and then use a sexual aid or let your partner help.

I found it! Now what?

Just try our 5 expert tips to maximize your enjoyment!

First Bring in the mood

Unfortunately, G-spot does not function so that as soon as you touch the right experience and the experience of the divine orgasm. As with other good things it takes a little effort. So, relax and enjoy foreplay. The more excited you’ll easily find the wrinkled, rough piece of tissue. It does not matter if you think that you do not have G-spot. As long as you enjoy the sensual sensations of your partner while seeking the magic point, you know that doing something good. But if you want them and not a pleasant feeling in your fingers you, just stop. Enjoy kissing and foreplay with the rest of the body, not only with the vagina.

Second Try sex toys

Have you ever seen those vibrators that are curved at the top? They can assist you in finding the G-spot stimulation. Apply some lubricant to the top of the vibrator and put it in you so that the curved part facing the navel. Slowly run the vibrator around the G-spot, but do not forget the clit, lips and breasts. If you let your partner help you on with a vibrator. You just lie down and enjoy.

Third Use your fingers

Meet if you are alone or with a partner, the technique is the same. Put some lubricant on the index and middle finger, touch and slide them in yourself. Fingers do the movements as you do when you experience a finger to him. G-spot should be different from the rest of the smooth side of the vagina. It should be slightly raised and folded. The only way to truly know if you find it is that causes you a sense of touching that part.

Some women say that they initially need to urinate (but soon to go), while others feel great excitement immediately. If nothing happens, try to stimulate a variety of ways, Vary speed, pressure, light up a little bit rough touching, tapping, circular movements, movements from left to right … Will surprise you how much it will feel to be different. Just so you know what’s right for you.

4th Be on top

Tired of foreplay and want to throw the “job”? Do not worry, the G-spot and stimulate you during intercourse, and one of the best ways is while you’re on your partner. When you control the top angle of the penis enters you. Move forward and backward, side to side until you feel that you hit the spot. Stimulating the G-spot is harder when you’re up and turned to his feet (just do not lean forward too much because it could hurt your partner). The most important thing is that you are excited enough before I indulge in sexual act, because you’re easier to stimulate the G-spot. So concentrate on your partner especially foreplay.

5th Try the back

No matter what you think about the so-called “doggy” position, what is is that the pose is great for G-spot stimulation. The best way to feel that when you are on all fours, your partner enters you from behind, and his feet on the outside of your (your are among his, gently gathered). You lean forward (arms are bent at the elbows) and raise your buttocks a little more down. Experimenting to collect and spread your legs.

  • February 18, 2007
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