Lazy Dog Sex Position

As mentioned several occasions on this site, many women adore being blocked from behind. What better method rather than jammed the girl than by ensuring she can not move anywhere? Possess her lay on her belly (to ensure the lazy part) as well as toot that ass up in the air. Force your cock in her with full power and enter. This is where you jump along with those hands and jammed her from behind. Be sure to pull her curly hair and ask her who’s kitty it is. She may not be able to respond, but it was a rhetorical question anyhow. You already know (at least at the moment) it is your own.

lazy dog sex position

What is lazy dog sex position?

It’s actually a variation of doggy style position. When you’re enjoying having sex doggie style and you force the girl straight down so she’s lying down ripped on her tummy and you keep having sex.
I blew away my girlfriend doggy style and wanted to tighten that up and so I pressed her down and started in the lazy dog position.

While in a doggy style pose with your girl both of you drop at the same time frame from tiredness even though still inside her and keep having intercourse.
lazy dog sex position

How to perform

  • The women lies on her stomach and tries to get her ass upp as much as possible
  • The men comes from behind, just like in doggy style, but now it’s more from up side
  • For better stability and feeling man can grab her ass or even her neck or hair
  • The dick enters the vagina from behind
  • The women enjoys as her only job is to lie

Lazy dog position may either be started alone, or can begin out of the Doggy style position.

As easy as no strings shagging can get, the Lazy Doggy is the best early morning following the actual previous night action. Your woman is placed down, you lie on the top of her and the miracle occurs.

Each woman adore this specific position, since it’s obviously intense as well as sluggish and can make your guy’s meat feel as if it’s an elephant’s leg with a pumpkin atop. Additionally, it results in space to get a small enhance with your movements – the typical bump and grind is okay, but try some figure of eight hip action for guaranteed ultra-deep penetration and the type of orgasm usually reserved for Christmases and birthday celebrations.

lazy dog sex position

The Lazy Dog sex position is a come-from-behind sexual technique that focuses on slow, sensuous, passionate pushing movements. The position is really a much more romantic and less intensive then Doggy Style, which can be ideal for those mornings where you’re way too tired for full-on intensity. The Lazy Dog also provides you with plenty of flexibility of motion to test out thrusts and hip motions.


  • Full sensation for both partners
  • Men enjoys the domination rule, and women the submission rule


  • Hard to perform fast
  • Could be problematic for small dicks

How is your experience with lazy dog position?

Lazy Dog Sex Position

  • February 7, 2014
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