Finding your woman’s G-spot and how to drive her wild

Men may have one type of orgasm but it is a different case for women. As a matter of fact they have several types of orgasm which can make them go crazy and crave for more. Probably you already know about the G-Spot. However, it can be difficult to tell where and how you could use this G-spot to your advantage.


Finding your woman’s G-spot

Finding the G-Spot

Though coined as the G-Spot, this is indeed a zone. This is located at the upper part of the vagina, about two inches coming sensitive area. So how would you know if it is already the G-Spot? It is a bump with a ribbed texture, much like that of the roof of the mouth near the front teeth.

Stimulating the G-Spot

An intercourse is not the only way to give woman the satisfaction when it comes to lovemaking. This still rely on various factors such as the size of the penis, the shape and size of the vagina, and the woman’s level of arousal as well. On the other hand, if you would use your fingers and locate the G-Spot, there is a big chance that you will give that satisfaction resulting to orgasm.

Prior to G-Spot stimulation

The clitoris must be aroused first before you can start working on the G-Spot. This is when the clitoris becomes sensitive. You have to make sure that the zone is lubricated before hitting the G-Spot or it may be very uncomfortable for her.

Best G-Spot positions

Other than the finger, various positions can also stimulate the G-Spot as well. First is letting her lie on her back. Then lie next to your partner with the help of your arms. The other position is making your woman sit like the doggie-style while you work it out from behind. But you are not only limited to these positions. To make your lovemaking even more intimate, it is advisable that you change from one position to the next while you stimulate the G-Spot.

Stimulating the G-Spot with these positions

Remember how you work your fingers to tease and tell your partner to come over where you are sitting or standing seductively? You have to use the same motion to the G-Spot but stroke it harder compared to the clitoris. Massage it lightly and as you progress, assess how your woman feels. Stop at the spot where she finds pleasure.

Knowing if she’s feeling it or faking it

The feeling of nirvana once the G-Spot was hit varies depending on the motion and it varies from one woman to another. Do at least two different strokes and take notice of the motion that she likes best. You would know if she’s satisfied if by the way she breathes and by the way she gives you that grip.

An even more powerful orgasm

The longer the foreplay, the more intense would be your woman’s orgasm. But because men tend to focus about how they perform in bed, lovemaking becomes dull and boring. Worse, it becomes a routine. Don’t let this magic fade. It would be harder for you to satisfy your woman if that happens. You should have tons of new ideas to prevent your lovemaking from becoming a routine.

  • December 29, 2009
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