Yoni exercises to tighten the vagina

Once women have had children it is possible that their vagina muscles are not so good. This weakness can also happen with age and without constant use of the muscles. With less tightness in the vagina, it can mean that lovemaking is not so pleasurable because there is less of a sensation. It can also reduce the strength of the orgasm if the muscles are not tight. By learning how to use the yoni muscles, it is possible to massage your partner when they are inside you which should give you both a more pleasurable experience as well as helping the woman’s orgasm to be more intense and last longer.


Often women are told to do pelvic floor exercises when they have had a baby. These are given to women so that they tighten up these muscles because problems with them can lead to bladder weakness. These exercises consist of drawing up the pelvic muscles, either holding up and then slowing releasing or gradually tightening and loosening. These are effective, but they are other exercises too.

The sustained grip exercise is dependent on breathing. Take a deep breath and then pull up the pelvic floor and hold the breath. As you exhale release the muscle. Breathing with the exercise can make a significant difference, if you try it you will be able to tell.

The squeeze and relax exercise is similar. Inhale and hold your breath and then tight and relax the pelvic muscles until you need to exhale and exhale slowly relaxing the muscles slowly too. Then keep the breath held out for a few seconds.

To get the best from the exercises you will need to repeat them. It is a good idea to do them each day and they can easily be done in the car, at the desk, standing, sitting or lying. It is a good idea to practise them in different positions as it will get you used to using these muscles in different position which could come in very useful!

It can be more effective to insert a finger into the yoni while doing the exercises. This can help you to feel whether you are doing them correctly. It is also possible to insert objects in there if you would rather not use a finger, something long and thin and not too wide is ideal.

There are a selection of products on the market which are also designed to help with strengthening the yoni muscles. Some people do not know where their pelvic floor is and do not understand which muscles they are supposed to be tightening when trying the above exercises. These products are ideal for these women as they will really help you to identify those muscles.

One such product is called Yoni eggs or Jade eggs. They come in a variety of weights and sizes. They are inserted in the vagina and then the woman will squeeze her her muscles. They can be used for as long as she wants to and some women find that they are enough to bring her to orgasm. Even if they do not, most women find it to be a pleasurable experience and also find that it is very useful at strengthening the muscles.

  • February 22, 2013
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