Sex toys: a woman’s perspective

Don’t worry: this is not going to be one of those posts you see in female magazines where the girls repeatedly write how they will fall for anything, as long as the guy is sweet and gentle. This is obviously not true and anyone with more than two grains of sexual experience will know it. There are things most women like and also things they really don’t. However, many of them will be reticent about their desires, failing to tell you what turns them on. So, here, allow me to shed some light on what girls want in the bedroom and you can thank me later

Women like to be fucked hard

Making love as opposed to having sex – that’s one of the great misconceptions of our times. I’m not sure who invented this ridiculous philosophy, but it isn’t true in the slightest. Girls love to be pounded hard and savagely, as long as they feel safe. Now that we’re talking about this, know that sex toys can play a great, pleasurable part here. If you have your girlfriend’s trust, use furry cuffs and special silk to tie her up, then enhance everything with a tiny vibrator you will place underneath her or even in her ass. These things enhance sex greatly.

Women like to touch themselves

Being shy is common in women, but, again, if they have a partner they can trust, they are ready to do almost anything and have fun. This means you should always have a nice dildo and some vibrating rings to add to that. Tell her how much it turns you on to watch her and before you even know it she will start playing with the dildo or any other toy you bring home. There is another reason why this is great – this way, while watching your loved one and her shenanigans, you will instantly see what she really likes and wants just by the way she touches herself. Indeed, this is one of the oldest tricks in the bedroom and make sure to take proper advantage of it.

Feel free to be a bit kinky

Kinky is a commonly misunderstood word in the English language. When people hear kinky, they think about something dirty and sadistic, something harmful. This, of course, is not the case. There are many ‘kinky’ toys you can use to provide your girl with great pleasure. Some light nipple clamps or beads are a great idea. And if they are vibrating, she will be orgasming in no time.Anal sex is pleasurable, teach her that

Anal sex shouldn’t be a taboo, since so many people love it. If your girlfriend is opposed to it, buy her just a tiny butt plug. Put on some lube and put it in, see what she says. She will most likely love it and that will be the beginning of a whole new play area in the bedroom.

  • December 9, 2022
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