Does He Really Love Me Or Is He Using Me?

So you’ve been involved in a relationship for a while now and you’ve started to wonder when he’s going to use the “L” word because you’re ready for it! Maybe you’ve tried to drop hints, tried to make it come up in conversation or made deliberate suggestions to get him to say, but in the end – he really isn’t going to say it until he’s completely ready. Men generally won’t just come out and say the “L” word though, he’ll test the waters first to make sure that you’re ready to hear it! Keep reading to find out how to tell if he’s trying this out on you. Obviously everyone is different and maybe you won’t need any of these or maybe just some of them but if after reading this article if you’ve found yourself agreeing with some of it, consider yourself on lucky girl!

    Probably the easiest way to tell if a man cares about you in this way is that he’s in constant communication with you. If he’s constantly texting you, calling you or emailing you even when you know it’s inconvenient, you’ve got yourself a winner! When a man is falling in love with a women, he can’t get enough.
    On that note though, it’s probably stereotypical but it’s true that men often have a harder time opening up about things than women do. If he’s sharing things with you that are extremely intimate like serious issues, memories or experiences of his past relationships or his childhood, it’s clear that he’s comfortable enough with you to feel this vulnerable. Some people will divulge these sorts of things straight away but that doesn’t mean that it’s love. If he has waited a few months and is then opening up to you, you know for sure that it’s real intimacy. Talking about things like painful break ups, what he wants out of life and stories of his family, especially his mother are ways that he might be subconsciously telling you that he’s ready to settle down.
    If a man is willing to do things outside of his comfort zone just because he wants to spend more time with you, then you know that talk of love isn’t far away! Having a man take a sudden interest in the things that you do that you know he probably won’t enjoy such as dancing, skydiving, cake decorating classes or trips to the library it’s obvious that it’s because he truly cares about you or go as far to say that he loves you.
    If a man goes out of his way to respect you by protecting you and being there for you, it’s a sure sign that he cares deeply for you. It might seem to him that you can do nothing wrong and that he goes out of his way to protect you and to keep you safe. These kinds of gallant actions display his feelings for you – possibly feelings of love.
    When you notice that he starts dropping the “L” word randomly into conversation – such as “I would love to see you again” or “I love doing stuff with you”. By using the word love so commonly and casually, it may mean that he’s ready to say it and it’s just slipping out in conversation because he can’t help it! If you start to notice that he’s using the “L” word, then be prepared to hear it exactly the way you want to soon!
    Now this one may be obvious when you’re reading it, but it’s not always in reality – you know that he loves you when he actually says those three little words you’ve been waiting for. Sometimes it’s hard to believe it when something happens that you’ve been longing for. When men say I love you, they mean it so don’t question it!

The Bottom Line
When it comes down to it knowing if a man truly loves you or not, actions definitely speak louder than words. Keep this in mind when you feel yourself starting to fall for your man. You will be able to tell when he feels the same way by how he speaks or behaves around you. Even though sometimes we can second guess ourselves, you will know in your heart how he truly feels from spending time with him. The things listed here are clues that you might be able to pick up on to help you realize how he feels and with this knowledge you’ll be able to feel comfortable letting him go at his own pace and that will strengthen your relationship and you can be confident in how he feels.

  • October 22, 2014
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